January Favorites (2018)

Welcome back to another favorite things post! I hope you enjoy it, and I’d love to hear what makes you happy in the comments or over on Instagram. Let’s get to it…

Listen: My favorite podcasts, music and books from this month.

This meme is now my lock screen wallpaper. No regrets

Move: Lower-intensity movement and strengthening exercises are my friends now that I’m taking a break from running.

  • Shona Vertue’s Youtube for yoga and strengthening.
  • This Pilates-inspired workout from Popsugar Fitness.
  • Down Dog yoga app. I treated myself to the pro version for Christmas, and if nothing else it’s inspired me to do more yoga to take advantage of it!
  • Still in the basketball season and loving it.

Eat: I’ve been trying to meal-prep a bit more, at least snacks and breakfasts for school days, and I’ve seen lots of benefit, both in eating healthy and in my stress levels. Here are some of the things I’ve tried.

  • Golden Chip Bliss Balls from Alison Wu. These are so delicious and satisfying for an afternoon pick-me-up or accompaniment to breakfast.
  • My “Oatmeal” Raisin Cookies. I took my own advice and mixed up the ingredients this time (partially because I was out of some of them), using part almond butter and part peanut butter, substituting some almond flour for some of the coconut flakes, and adding a few tablespoons of raw cacao powder. They’re tasty but pretty crumbly! I’ll have to keep tweaking the recipe, but for now they’re a good snack.

    Frittata, kale, and kraut. Breakfast in under 5 minutes
  • Breakfast frittata. I mixed one up with butternut squash, onions, and goat cheese and kept it on hand for breakfasts all week.
  • I’ve also been really into kale lately, sautéeing it up and eating it as much as I can.
  • Sandwiches. This past summer I would have looked down on the number of sandwiches I’m eating now, but honestly I am just doing what I can to fuel my brain, like Katie said. It’s not worth it to obsess over food. I’ve been there, and I’m not interested in going back. Life is more than what’s on my plate.
  • And of course sauerkraut. When am I not into sauerkraut?!

Live: Random little things that bring me joy.

  • Decorating and organizing my room with twinkle lights and plants, including the cutest tiny succulent I’ve ever seen.
  • Spending weekends in sweatpants and cozy sweaters. If I need to study I might as well be comfortable doing it!
  • Cooking for fun.
  • Taking pictures. I really miss the artistic side of food photography that I used to do so much. I even had a little “studio” set up in our guest room! Now that I have my own camera I’m trying to take some pictures every weekend for study breaks and just because I enjoy it.

    Lee From America’s buckwheat pancakes – the first “real” food photo I’d taken in awhile
  • Experimental photo editing. While on the bus to a basketball game, I played around with some Snapseed features I hadn’t tried before. It gave me some ideas for things I can do with my food photos!
  • Still going strong with my Calm meditations. I’ll leave you with some wisdom from the app. Have a great week everyone!



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